What to expect when you’re expecting packages




Sign Up and Set Up

You fill out the online form, or we did that for you when we recruited you directly. We will call and visit to make sure you have everything you need to be successful, including our window sign, and we will set you up with a website login, and automatic payment.

Once you are registered as a host and select your payment method and how many subscribers you would like, your business will be searchable on the website as a PackagePost location.

Subscribers may request your location, and will be assigned there by MyPackagePost administrator until your selected number of subscribers is filled. If more people request your location, we will contact you to ask if you would like more subscribers, and we will put them on a waiting list or assign them to an alternative location.

Receiving Packages

You can login to the website to see your list of subscribers, and their designees to pick up their packages. Only accept packages from your list of subscribers. No one else. If someone’s spouse wants to receive packages in their name at your store, that is a separate subscriber.

When a package comes, accept it, store it, and login to the website to select the recipient from the drop-down menu and select “Notify.” Having an in-store computer (such as a tablet) logged into the webpage makes this easier.

The recipient will come to the store the same day if the package is perishable, and in general within 5 days if it is not perishable.

Feel free to ask subscribers if they would be interested in your other services or retails items; however, it’s fair game to subscribe just to pick up packages.

Pick Up

If the subscriber doesn’t show up, and the package needs to go, try notifying them from the website again, or contacting them directly with their supplied phone number. After 16 days, packages that have overstayed their welcome can be returned to sender.

If a package is oozing, stinking, or meowing, contact the subscriber to come get it same day, and feel free to store the package outside in a secure location. You may dispose of packages like this within 24 hours.

Subscribers cannot ask you to deliver their packages, or receive illegal or prohibited items. They should be respectful when they come to pick up their packages. Try to provide their package promptly when they come by to get it. A beautiful partnership is blossoming.


On the 5th of the month, you will receive your subscriber fees. While the subscriber fees may pay the electric bill, the true benefit to the business is from foot traffic and a more personal relationship with the subscriber.

After one month, we will check in to see how things are going. But feel free to contact us before then.



Breaking up is easy to do

After 90 days of receiving packages for a subscriber, maybe things don’t work out. Maybe you want to continue being a PackagePost, but just not for that subscriber…who always shows up drunk to pick up her packages and makes obscene comments. Even if the rules have been followed, you can drop a subscriber for a few reasons. (Packages regularly stay too long, disruptive during pick-ups, unpleasant communications). Subscribers who break the rules or fail to pay subscription fee will be dropped immediately.

You cannot drop a subscriber because they receive too many packages (within the limit of the subscription 15 for an individual, more than 15 for a business), because they don’t buy anything, or because of race, religion, or economic class.

If you would like to stop being a package post altogether, no worries. We just need 30 days notice (we’ll start the process immediately, but we ask that you continue receiving packages that have already been ordered by your subscribers). You will receive your monthly fee during that month.