How big of a package can I send?

You should be able to carry it home by yourself. No refrigerators, appliances, or large pieces of furniture, please. Your package should be carry-on luggage size or smaller – 50 lbs, with no dimension being larger than 24”.  If your PackagePost decides you have sent a package that exceeds this limits, then they have the right to refuse the package.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, login into your account to cancel your subscription.


Can I ship my sack of uncut diamonds?

Packages must be valued at <$5000. So maybe like…one diamond.

Can someone else pick up my package for me?

In your account information, you can list designees. They will need to show official I.D. to pick up your package. In the future, we hope to offer an uploaded picture ID system to make things more convenient.

Can I ship signature required items to my PackagePost?


I am going to Colorado and I plan to, against all advice, ship back some of that legal weed there. Can my PackagePost receive this?

No. Marijuana is still illegal to ship domestically. This may change in the future. Obviously, we don’t open your packages. However, this is not permitted, and jeopardizes the business receiving your package. Don’t do it. Trust is hard to build, easy to destroy. Shipping illegal substances is a great way to be removed as a subscriber.

What if a subscriber doesn’t pick up the package?

We ask that you pick it up within 5 days, and if it is perishable, same day. But, we understand, people go on vacation. If you are on vacation, please coordinate with a friend or family member to pick up your package while you’re away.  Otherwise, your PackagePost has the right to ship it back to the sender.

Can my PackagePost drop me?

If you do not follow our terms and conditions, such as shipping illegal materials, yes. Businesses also may, after 90 days, drop a subscriber. Businesses cannot choose their subscribers, and this blind process helps make sure things are fair. Nevertheless, people who break the rules, have an ongoing high inventory of packages not picked up, or disrupt business when collecting their packages, can be dropped. The business will continue to accept any packages ordered prior to the drop date unless you are being dropped due to shipping illegal materials.

I need my package, it’s an emergency, but it’s after hours.

A relationship with the business owner is good to have in a situation like this. Officially, the hours are the hours, but you can try to contact your business or Please explain the situation and we’ll do our best.

I need my package, it’s an emergency, and the business is supposed to be open but nobody’s here.

We require businesses to remain open for their reported hours. If you have an issue, email us – we will get back to you promptly and try to contact the business.

Can I receive my wine club shipments at my PackagePost location?

Check your local laws. See link below.

If permitted by your state and local laws, make sure to bring your ID to show that you are over 21. The subscriber must personally collect the wine shipment, and the name on the shipment must match the subscriber.

When ordering your shipment, ensure that your shipper (such as UPS) has on record that your PackagePost is your designee, so that your package can be received there.

Can my PackagePost receive my medication/food delivery/flowers/perishable?

Yes. Do not order takeout food to your PackagePost; but meal delivery services, such as BlueApron, are welcome. These types of items should be picked up same day. Businesses will not have a refrigerator, and do not guarantee the quality of delivered perishables. If your package starts oozing or creating a problematic smell, the business may attempt to contact you, but also may dispose of the package or store it outside at close of business.

Can I ship ______ to my PackagePost?

According to federal laws, some items may not be shipped. Please consult the website of the shipper for a list of prohibited items. Even if an item may be shipped, some items are prohibited from delivery to a PackagePost location. If you have a question about an item not on the list below, contact

  • Cigarettes: No
  • Smokeless Tobacco: No
  • Cigars: Yes
  • Firearms: No
  • Unloaded Firearms: No
  • Ammunition: No
  • Dry Ice: No, unless it is properly labelled indicating to the PackagePost to store it outside for proper ventilation.
  • Perishable Items: Yes
  • Nail Polish, Perfume, Poison: Yes, properly packaged and not leaking.
  • Cremated remains: Yes
  • Marijuana: No
  • Prescription Medication: Yes
  • Plants: At your own risk, within the size restrictions.
  • Hazard Class I Explosives (i.e. fireworks, fuses, ammunition, highway distress signals): No
  • Mailable explosives (toy propellant, safety fuses, empty shell casings): No
  • Knives and sharp instruments: Yes, per federal, state, and local laws
  • Animals: No
  • Sexually explicit items (vibrators, dildos, pornography): Yes, per federal, state, and local laws
  • Non-hazardous liquids: Yes, provided they are properly contained
  • Odor producing materials: No
  • Peanuts: Yes
  • Bulk Chemicals: No (chemical quantities must be less than 16 oz for consumer use)
  • Radioactive materials: No
  • Biological agents, body parts, human tissue or biologic samples: No
  • Meat: Yes, properly sealed and not leaking
  • If your shipment holds any of the following properties, your package contains Hazardous Materials.
  • Caustic
  • Acidic
  • Combustible Communicable
  • Compressed Gas
  • Corrosive
  • Explosive
  • Flammable
  • Infectious
  • Inflammable
  • Poison
  • Radioactive
  • Refrigerated (Refrigerated is ok – but our host locations generally do not have refrigerators)
  • Toxic
  • Volatile

Class 1-9 Hazardous Materials are NOT permitted.

Links to shipper restricted item information: