What is PackagePost?

PackagePost is a community and network of local businesses in Philadelphia who have agreed to accept your packages for you while you’re away from home. If you live in Philadelphia, you’ve probably had a package swiped from your front steps, lost, or just missed a delivery window. With a PackagePost subscription you can be certain your packages arrive safe until you’re ready to come pick it up. Don’t see a location in your neighborhood? Help us crowdsource our next location here!

Support Your Local Businesses

Secure your packages and pick up a few things along the way!

By sending your packages to your local stores, you’re not only preventing theft, but you’re supporting local businesses! It’s a unique way to continue online shopping while still supporting your local brick and mortar stores. Each of our businesses receive a portion of your subscription fees, but more important they’re getting to know you and appreciate your foot traffic. When you do stop in to pick up your package, you may pick up a few essentials while you’re there. (Don’t worry – it’s not required that you buy anything additional from them.) You can support your local business by sending your packages to them!

Save Time with Just ONE Package Solution

Very often, we hear from our customers “I’m tired of having multiple package solutions depending on what I order”. With Amazon you can ship to their lockers, UPS has their own access points, your PO BOX only allows certain size packages, and Fedex….well good luck! With a PackagePost subscription you can ship any package, from any carrier, from any website to one of our convenient locations. Even better – you’ll always have someone to sign for your packages!

We Understand Your Frustration

That feeling when you get home from a long day at work and that package you were expecting is missing. We hear you Philadelphia!

We’ve all been there – you’re at work and receive an email that the package you’ve been expecting has been delivered. You ordered a few dresses for your friend’s wedding next month and you can’t wait to get home and try them on! You sit in traffic for over an hour, spend 20 minutes looking for parking, and by the time you reach your doorstep the package is gone. You’ve officially been the victim of a porch pirate.

You half expected this though, because it’s the price to pay to live in the city of brotherly love right?? NO! It doesn’t have to be this way. With a monthly PackagePost subscription, your package would have been safely delivered to the local salon or pizza shop at the corner, and you could have picked it up when it was convenient for you. Either that night, because they have great hours, or maybe on Saturday because you’ve decided to go to happy hour instead. Give yourself the flexibility and peace of mind with a PackagePost subscription. Find a location in your neighborhood!