Tracking Down Missed Packages in Philadelphia (Without a PackagePost Subscription)

Tracking Down Missed Packages in Philadelphia (Without a PackagePost Subscription)

Although it is possible to manage major carriers missed deliveries (I am excluding couriers here, such as Amazon for the reason noted below), the time it takes to collect missed packages during pick up hours is more valuable than the service we offer. If the package is a food delivery, such as frozen food, it will be left at the delivery site, regardless of the information below, since food will spoil waiting to be picked up.  For instance: A person who lives in Brewerytown misses two packages – a FedEx and a UPS and must go pick them up at a distribution center.

If they are driving and it is not during rush hour that trip would look like this: (43 minutes)

If they are taking public transportation, that trip would take two hours and 17 minutes. The city public transportation system is not designed to accommodate picking up missed packages or running errands in general. (See Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men) If a person makes minimum wage in the city ($12.20), missing one package per month justifies using PackagePost.  Your time is worth more than dealing with missed packages.

In case you are in this situation, below is some information on the various carriers and how to collect your missed package. 


USPS has several options – GoPost, P.O. boxes, scheduled redelivery for missed deliveries, or pick up at the local post office. 


In some US area codes GoPost is available. GoPost is a locker system for receiving USPS packages that requires registration in advance to receive delivery. It is not currently available in Philadelphia.

P.O. Box

If available, P.O. boxes are available for a fee (or in some cases no fee if delivery is not available where you live). You may apply for a PO Box in person at a Post Office™ or online at®. An application process for PO Box service is not completely approved until your identity and current permanent physical address where you reside or conduct business is verified.

PO Box cost:

Private shipping companies or carriers, such as UPS, FedEx and Amazon, are not able to deliver to a PO Box. Only the United States Postal Service® is permitted to deliver mail to a PO Box.

If a mailpiece that is addressed to a PO Box must be signed for, or is too large to fit in the box, the Post Office™ will place in your box either:

  1. A key to a larger storage locker within the same facility (for a larger item)
  2. A notice that you can take to a window clerk to collect your item(s) – Redelivery is not permitted since you have to collect the item from a window clerk.

Redelivery and Post Office Pick Up


Pick Up at Post Office


If a FedEx delivery is missed, a slip will be left. You can pick up your package at the FedEx location listed on the door tag, after the time noted. Go to and enter your door tag number to confirm availability,or call 1.800.463.3339. Or go to to choose another option, such as Hold at LocationOnline, either re-delivery to a FedEx Kinkos.

If the package is located in the Tinicum Fed Ex Ship Center – Cargo City, Philadelphia, PA 19153 – it must be rescheduled for delivery to a FedEx Kinkos (it cannot be picked up here). If the package arrives via FedEx Air (vs ground) it is likely to reside here if delivery is missed.

The main pick up location is 3600 Grays Ferry Ave (other than reschedule for delivery to FedEx kinkos). 


If a UPS delivery is missed, the slip will indicate either that delivery will be retried or that delivery will be to a local access point. If delivery is retried and missed, the package must be picked up at the South Philly distribution center at 15 E. Oregon Ave.


If a DHL delivery is missed, redelivery will automatically be scheduled for the next day. A delivery time can be scheduled prior to 10:30 PM to ensure that you are home. 


Courier deliveries are the most difficult to manage because they tend to be delivered in a wider window of time and couriers are often paid by number of deliveries – incentivizing leaving packages on the doorstep.