Opinion: Amazon’s Delivery Problem

Opinion:  Amazon’s Delivery Problem

While at work I receive an alert on my phone that my package was delivered by Amazon–meaning that they craftily hid it behind my planter or not so craftily slipped a bulbous package under my door mat, or even better, just left it at the door. “Hang on Jillian Michael work out DVD packed with Math text book for next term…I’ll be home at 6!” […]

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Shopping Online is Easy…Delivery Should be Too.

Shopping Online is Easy…Delivery Should be Too.

PackagePost was started because I became so frustrated missing all of my package deliveries while I was away at work.  Sometimes the package was stolen, and I would spend hours on the phone with customer service.  Other times, UPS would try day after day to deliver my package and eventually give up.  “Yes, I was at work yesterday during this time, and I’m at work […]

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